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Quarter-million-dollar T-shirt

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When I was at work tonight Istarted reading this article under the news of the weird section of the Tribune.  The article is about Raed Jarrar an Iraqi-born citizen, and his experience on a Jetblue flight.  He was on a flight in August 2006 from New York to Oakland California.  Jarrar was trying to board the plane wearing a t-shirt with Arabic lettering, when the airline denied him entrance.  After negotiating, he was allowed to board provided he cover the shirt and sit in the back row.  The shirt read “We will not be silent,” in both English and Arabic I guess.  Jarrar sued and was awarded $240,000 for his inconvience.

When I started reading this article I thought it was funny but then I thought about how that man must have felt.  He was racially profiled because of  his color and culture.  Even though he lives in the US and has an American wife people still sterotyped him as a terrorist.  People felt uncomfortable with him wearing that shirt because of his color and heritage.  We talked about this in class today, how people judge other races on the culture that they know them from.  Noone at the airport new this man but yet they still judged very quickly.  It is interesting, if a white guy was wearing the same shirt no one would have had a problem most likely.




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We are living in the 21st Century, the color of peoples skin should not be an issue.  But We still have white people that hate black people, black people who hate white people, latinos who hate white people, white people who hate asians.  I see the world like Stephen Colbert, with no color.

My dad and I were talking one day about walking at night alone as a woman.  He said, “If you were to see a large black man walking past you you would be more scared then if it were a white man.”  I yelled at him for the comment because each man could over power me no matter what color.  I thought it was a ridiculous statement.  After talking I thought about the movie Crash.  There is a scene where Sandra Bullock is actually put in the scenerio my dad talked about.  Sandra Bullock is walking down the street with her husband and a black man is walking by them, so she clings to her husband tightly and tries to make eye contact.  Her character is racist in this film but it is just interesting to see her reaction to this man because of his color.  I wonder what the other situation would be like, would she grab onto her husband if she saw a white man?

Actually “Crash,” is an excellent example of race and how is dealt with in modern times.  The irony is each character in the film ends up helping each other in a way, even though they are prejudice against one another.



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Our discussion today made me think of an episode of Bones  I saw the other day.  Bones was trying to find the identity of a woman by using her skull but the woman had had so much plastic surgery it was impossible for her to distinguish between her real facial structure and the plastic.  The woman they were investigating continued to get plastic surgery every few weeks because she did not fell like she was beautiful.  She lived in LA and she needed to uphold an amazing body.  At the end of the episode they showed the young girls picture and she was very pretty the way she began.

The point I am trying to make is parts of our society are buying these advertisements.  I know not everyone believes what they see and I know that the television show is fiction but there are some truths.  Look at all the plastic surgeons, laser hair removal, botox doctors their are today. 

Last semester I was doing an internship at X96 and one day on the show one of the sponsors came in to do a live ad-lib.  I forgot the name of the company but they provided botox injections and Kerry, Bill, and Gina all decided to try a sample.  Bill was not going to but he said his wife has been hounding him about the wrinkles around his eyes.  I just couldn’t believe they were doing it right in the studio.  They are radio DJs no one sees them.  But because they had this opportunity they took it just to feel a little younger for awhile.

Like someone mentioned in class society is so desensitized.  Some don’t even realize that these advertisments are affecting their life.  Hydroxycut is that pill that helps you loose weight fast.  Well I will admit I have tried it and it does not help.  It made me sick.  It all depends on your body type and everyones body type is different.  We are all unique individuals.


This does not happen when you use this shampoo!!!

Beautiful Girl

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