Quarter-million-dollar T-shirt

When I was at work tonight Istarted reading this article under the news of the weird section of the Tribune.  The article is about Raed Jarrar an Iraqi-born citizen, and his experience on a Jetblue flight.  He was on a flight in August 2006 from New York to Oakland California.  Jarrar was trying to board the plane wearing a t-shirt with Arabic lettering, when the airline denied him entrance.  After negotiating, he was allowed to board provided he cover the shirt and sit in the back row.  The shirt read “We will not be silent,” in both English and Arabic I guess.  Jarrar sued and was awarded $240,000 for his inconvience.

When I started reading this article I thought it was funny but then I thought about how that man must have felt.  He was racially profiled because of  his color and culture.  Even though he lives in the US and has an American wife people still sterotyped him as a terrorist.  People felt uncomfortable with him wearing that shirt because of his color and heritage.  We talked about this in class today, how people judge other races on the culture that they know them from.  Noone at the airport new this man but yet they still judged very quickly.  It is interesting, if a white guy was wearing the same shirt no one would have had a problem most likely.



One Response to “Quarter-million-dollar T-shirt”

  1. What an interesting story. One shirt cost this man $240,000. I also find this innaropriate. I can’t imagine how many white guys get away with things written on their shirt. I bet the airport has seen some misleading things. To judge this man as a terrorist because of a message that some security man read to much into is wrong. It is amazing to me the difference since 9/11 on peoples views about different race especially islamic. I feel so bad for this man!

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