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SideWays Hats

Posted in Uncategorized on March 27, 2009 by zoomersurf29

Did you know they actually make hats sideways now.  It is ridiculous.  I guess I don’t go with the trends because I like guys who wear their hats straight.  I was talking to this kid I work with and he was the one telling me they actually make hats sideways.  He said you are totally lame if you wear your hat straight and I just started thinking about what we have been talking about about teens and how the marketing industry focuses on them.  He is the prime example of a trend setter.  I ask him why he doesn’t just do his own thing and he said you have to fit in.  I thought it was interesting because I didn’t peg him for the trendy type.

The Hip-Hop movement changed everything.  It changed music and style and trends.  It is funny though because these hip-hop stars will still probably try to wear their hats sideways even in their forties.


Why can only Middle Easterners be terrorists?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2009 by zoomersurf29

While we were talking in the class the other day about people of Islamish decent only be cast as terrorists, I started thinking why can’t the television and film industry ever cast a white man. Look at Timothy Mcvay the Oklahoma City bomber and the two boys at Columbine. I consider those people terrorists and they are white men from America. It is sad that Muslim people are being type cast just because some idiots from their country decided to do some terrible things. There are several actors who are Muslim and darker who are not even from any of the Middle Easterner countries, they may be English, or Irish but people don’t even give them a chance.

My mom recently started a facebook page. She saw some friends she had met in Italy and they are from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She was talking to me one day and said she was a afraid to add one of her friends because they were wearing a turban and they were of Muslim decent. I told her she was being ridiculous and just encouraging the sterotype we have all cast for these poor people. She is a very open-minded lady but she was worried about what people might think. It just goes to show the most open-minded people can be persuaded that just because you are dark and may be from Saudi Arabia you are a TERRORIST. That is completely erroneous!!