SideWays Hats

Did you know they actually make hats sideways now.  It is ridiculous.  I guess I don’t go with the trends because I like guys who wear their hats straight.  I was talking to this kid I work with and he was the one telling me they actually make hats sideways.  He said you are totally lame if you wear your hat straight and I just started thinking about what we have been talking about about teens and how the marketing industry focuses on them.  He is the prime example of a trend setter.  I ask him why he doesn’t just do his own thing and he said you have to fit in.  I thought it was interesting because I didn’t peg him for the trendy type.

The Hip-Hop movement changed everything.  It changed music and style and trends.  It is funny though because these hip-hop stars will still probably try to wear their hats sideways even in their forties.


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