Burts Bees and Clorox

I don’t know how many of you read City Weekly, but last week they had an interesting article about the bleach and the bees.  The story talks about burts bees and how it is a natural, organic and eco-friendly product.  Burts Bees was only sold at certain stores, like independent markets.  But since 1998 Burts Bees lip balm has been popping up everywhere.  The reason the lip balm is popping up everywhere is because Clorox purchased this organic product.  Clorox a corporate company who does not care about the environment, and whose main industry is directly associated with harmful chemicals.

When I started reading this story I got so frustrated.  I really like Burts Bees and it really upset me to learn that they are now owned by Clorox, the company that makes the most deadly chemicals in the world.  Why does Clorox own Burts Bees?  Simply because of greed.  The woman who took over Burts Bees sold because she wanted money, she wanted 5 houses and nice cars.  It is all about greed and material things.  It is really disappointing!!

Ben & Jerry’s also sold out, Breyers now own them.  I understand that these companies need to make money to pay the bills but when they sell their products usually get changed and they are never the same again.  It is sad that these companies sell out but no one knows because they will not tell the public.  For everyone who uses Burts Bees you will never find anything that says they are affiliated with Clorox because Clorox is not stupid and they know they would lose business if their customers knew.

If anyone has an comments about this I would like to know.



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