Peelander Z

I was at the bar the other night and I was able to see this very interesting Japanese band perform.  This band had no musical or vocal talent but they got the audience completely involved.  They dressed up like power rangers basically, each member was a different color.  There was the pink bassist, yellow electric guitar, green drummer, and pink helper.  Their songs made no sense the crowd went crazy.

One of the songs was called “how do you like your meat,” and the crowd would yell “medium rare.”  It was ridiculous what the crowd was doing myself included.  We were puddy in their hand, we did everything they said and we loved it even though this band had no talent at all.  When I got home I started thinking about other celebrities, and artists that we see that some people would do anything for.  I also started thinking about the marketing industry and how we are just “puddy in their hands.”

I had no idea who this band was but I joined in the activities and did what they ask.  How many times have we done that?  It is crazy what people will do for fun and just to fit in.



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