Media Fast

It is crazy how relient we are on technology now.  I am a server and if I didn’t have a calculator or computer I would not be able to get my job done.  I would actually have to add my tickets using my math skills which are lacking at this point.  I was able to give up television and my computer for 2 days however.  I got lucky and didn’t have any homework to turn in.

That is another thing some of my classes all of my homework is due through blackboard so therefore I need the internet and a computer.  If I did not have these things I would fail my classes.  It is also a great way to communicate with your instructors.

So giving up media is virutally impossible in this century and centuries to come.  It is probably going to get worse and the future generations will not be able to go to college without a computer.  It is interesting to see how things evolve and grow.  Pretty soon we will have flying cars like in Back to the Future.  You never know.


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