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We are living in the 21st Century, the color of peoples skin should not be an issue.  But We still have white people that hate black people, black people who hate white people, latinos who hate white people, white people who hate asians.  I see the world like Stephen Colbert, with no color.

My dad and I were talking one day about walking at night alone as a woman.  He said, “If you were to see a large black man walking past you you would be more scared then if it were a white man.”  I yelled at him for the comment because each man could over power me no matter what color.  I thought it was a ridiculous statement.  After talking I thought about the movie Crash.  There is a scene where Sandra Bullock is actually put in the scenerio my dad talked about.  Sandra Bullock is walking down the street with her husband and a black man is walking by them, so she clings to her husband tightly and tries to make eye contact.  Her character is racist in this film but it is just interesting to see her reaction to this man because of his color.  I wonder what the other situation would be like, would she grab onto her husband if she saw a white man?

Actually “Crash,” is an excellent example of race and how is dealt with in modern times.  The irony is each character in the film ends up helping each other in a way, even though they are prejudice against one another.




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Our discussion today made me think of an episode of Bones  I saw the other day.  Bones was trying to find the identity of a woman by using her skull but the woman had had so much plastic surgery it was impossible for her to distinguish between her real facial structure and the plastic.  The woman they were investigating continued to get plastic surgery every few weeks because she did not fell like she was beautiful.  She lived in LA and she needed to uphold an amazing body.  At the end of the episode they showed the young girls picture and she was very pretty the way she began.

The point I am trying to make is parts of our society are buying these advertisements.  I know not everyone believes what they see and I know that the television show is fiction but there are some truths.  Look at all the plastic surgeons, laser hair removal, botox doctors their are today. 

Last semester I was doing an internship at X96 and one day on the show one of the sponsors came in to do a live ad-lib.  I forgot the name of the company but they provided botox injections and Kerry, Bill, and Gina all decided to try a sample.  Bill was not going to but he said his wife has been hounding him about the wrinkles around his eyes.  I just couldn’t believe they were doing it right in the studio.  They are radio DJs no one sees them.  But because they had this opportunity they took it just to feel a little younger for awhile.

Like someone mentioned in class society is so desensitized.  Some don’t even realize that these advertisments are affecting their life.  Hydroxycut is that pill that helps you loose weight fast.  Well I will admit I have tried it and it does not help.  It made me sick.  It all depends on your body type and everyones body type is different.  We are all unique individuals.


This does not happen when you use this shampoo!!!

Beautiful Girl

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Male Gender Roles

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I found todays discussion rather interesting and a little frustrating.  The media does put men in certain roles as well as society.  Men can’t cry in public, men have to be the stupid ones on the sitcom.  The media creates these roles but society just encourages them.  Why can’t men cry in public? As we saw in the movie men  have created this norm, that men cannot cry in public.  I saw a girl crying at school the other day and I felt bad.  If I was to see a man cry I would not make fun or say something to make them feel bad.  I would sympathize with them.  It is the men who would make fun and say something inappropriate.   If the public was to see President Obama cry people could possibly say he is not fit to run the counrtry.  Just like the media said about Hilary Clinton when she showed emotion while running for president.  News stations mentioned that by showing those emotions she was showing weakness.

The color issue was another frustrating topic.  Like Erin said why does it matter what color your child is wearing.  Well our society and the media has made it very clear that you must choose a color.  If a mother was to put her boy in pink or yellow people could possibly say something to the mother asking why she put her baby boy in pink.  Do you want him to be gay?  That is what the media has created.  Just because the baby boy is wearing pink does not classify his sexual preference.  I find that pink looks good on some men.  We should not be judged or labeled by what color we are wearing.


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After today’s discussion I realized we are OBJECTS.  Men and women are objects.  Each sex in my opinion sees each other as different objects.  For example men see women as a nice piece of ass.  Women see men as the money makers.  Our society has lost all substance.  The media has made us focus on the physical attributes of an individual and not whats in their head.  The Victoria Secret example was perfect.

I received one of those bulk text  from one of my girlfriends.  I apologize if this is a little to much for some.  The text reads:

10 Things Men know about women…

1. They have a vagina









10. oh and tits.

That text was entertaining but completely inappropriate.  The media is causing our society to say and do things that give individuals no substance.  Is that really how men see women?  I don’t think so but that is becoming or already has become a social norm.


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I am glad I waited to post my blog until after I saw what was going on at the Sundance Film Festival.  I am staying up in Heber right now but on the way we stopped in Park City to eat and forgot what was going on.  When we got there there was a ridiculous amount of people and traffic.  We realized we should really start watching for celebrities because half of Hollywood i up here right now.

We were driving down Main Street and we saw some people taking pictures with this guy.  He was wearing a sideways hat and very baggy clothes.  He was also black.  My friends and I automatically blurted out that must be a rapper like 50 Cent.  That was the first thing that came to our mind.  However he could have been an actor for all we knew.  Like Errin said it is very easy to make an assumption.

We parked and the car next to us a man got out and he had this crazy outfit on.  He  was very skinny wearin bright yellow spandex pants and really high boots and he had bleach blonde hair and no shirt.  He also had tons of bling around his neck.  But once we saw him we thought oh he is gay.  That is terrible I know but that is what our first assumption was.  I never realized how easy that is to do.  I realize now however that it is always happening for good or bad.

Stereotypes happen everyday and I really believe they are not always meant to hurt peoples feelings or to judge people.  They are just our preconceived notions of people before we get to know them.  Doesn’t everyone change their opinion after they get to know one another?